Sandy Petrykowski has always asked "why?" and often, "why not?" Naturally, she became a journalist, so she could do this every day.  She started her career at ABC News in New York where she worked on the flagship program World News Tonight, award-winning documentary program Turning Point, and ABC News/Discovery News, a science news show that aired on the Discovery Channel.  After filming several stories in Egypt, she decided to live and work in the Middle East for almost a decade.  

Sandy's work includes producing economic stories, interviews with celebrities like the cast of Downton Abbey, heads of state like Muammar Qaddafi, as well as natural history pieces that get up close and personal with whales, wolves, and mummies like King Tut. Her long form films on PBS include "American Pharaoh" - a profile of Bob Bradley, manager of Egypt's national soccer team during the revolution, and a feature length performance documentary developed with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra about Duke Ellington for PBS's Great Performances called "Swingin' with Duke."

She enjoys quickly becoming thoroughly versed in whatever she is covering. Her mother and sister are teachers, and while that was not her calling, she believes journalism is related to teaching and hopes to educate through her work. Petrykowski's goal is always to cover untold stories or shine light on an issue that has been previously overlooked.

Her motto is "do what others aren't doing."